Engineering services

Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable and optimized solutions. We offer complex engineering services and end-to-end project delivery including mechanical and electronics design, PCB layouts and software development. Our team of engineers has experience with industry standards such as ISO 26262.

Liquid cooling products

Thermal management is our core competence. We offer standard and custom liquid cooling systems that enable safe operation of your electronics. In our portfolio are novel polymer-based composite cold plates, tube liquid, drilled and minichannel cold plates. We run CFD analyses and laboratory tests.

Battery design and BMS

We offer Battery Management Systems (BMS) that enable safe and optimal operation of your batteries. In our portfolio are systems suitable for applications like e-bikes, boats and other EVs.
We offer custom battery designs (mechanics, electronics and software) as well as on demand BMS products

Products and Portfolio

12-48 V lithium-ion batteries

Exemplary specification for a 24 V / 100 Ah battery:

  • long cycle life (>3000 cycles),
  • high energy density (almost x2 bigger available energy in the same size and smaller mass than lead-acid) and high power (up to 300A),
  • safe operation – battery protection using battery monitor and a control microprocessor.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Exemplary specification for a small EV/e-bike:

  • battery voltage up to 50V, passive balancing 100mA,
  • constant current 30A, 60A (10s), 90A (500ms),
  • dual independent logic system based on inteligent cell monitor and main microcontroller.

Electric vehicle on-board computer and inverter

Byotta has developed hardware and software according to client’s needs :

  • on-board computer with custom functionalities and power/velocity control algorithms,
  • step-down regulator with >95% efficiency (80->12V, >60W),
  • custom graphic interface and touch-screen.

IGBT, laser and electronics cooling

Byotta offers custom liquid cooling systems.

The systems provides space savings and enables higher power availability of electronics.

Friction stir welded minichannel cold plate

High-efficiency liquid cold plate with minichannels.

The cold plate is designed and friction stir welded by Byotta.

The solution is leak tested and the dimensions can be tailored.

Copper tube cold plate

A product made of aluminium plate with an optimized groove to achieve optimal heat contact. Aluminium, stainless steel and copper tubes are available. The connection can further enhanced by the application of thermally conductive epoxy.

The solution is leak tested and the dimensions can be tailored.

Drilled cold plate

A product made of aluminium plate with drilled liquid channels.

The cooling side can be polished to improve heat contact thermal performance.

The solution is leak tested and the dimensions can be tailored.

Efficient battery cooling
with electrically insulating materials

Byotta was a Solaris Bus&Coach partner as a part of the IndustryLab (IL) acceleration program - the first pilot implementation of the Byotta battery cooling system

Byotta has implemented and carried out pilot tests of its battery-cooling system with one of the biggest electric bus manufacturers. Our technology is ready to be used with modules made of pouch and prismatic cells.
It combines efficient cooling with electrical insulation thanks to thermally conductive polymer composites and Byotta's proprietary design.
The solution can be injection molded which makes it cost-efficient for large production volumes.

About us

Byotta was founded in 2018 by three colleagues working together on an R&D battery-cooling project. Their solution and its advantages were soon noticed, which resulted in a first pilot implementation in full scale with one of the biggest electric bus manufacturer.

Since then Byotta expanded its team to offer engineering services and complex products. The team proved its professionalism and reliability in multiple projects. Byotta’s team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers is committed to provide top-notch solutions and customer support.

Our office is located in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park.